About Me - Green Passenger
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About Me

Startup Traveler, Storyteller, Photographer, Nature Servant

I’m just another random travel maniac originally from Belgrade but world citizen in the heart. I travelled often during the last 10 years and in December 2015 I officially quit my job and hit the road to travel Southeast Asia for six months. Six months turned into 1.5 years across more than 20 countries. If you are here to find some travel inspiration and life motivation then fasten your seat belts! I would be happy if I encourage realization of your travel dreams.

I guess you want to know what this page is all about? What is connection between green and traveling? Love is between. Love for planet you live on, love for the people you share it with and love for your own life. You just have to be able to see a bit green color in everything. Then you will really enjoy reading my blog and by living your life sharing the same values help me to change the world.

I’m thrilled to share valuable tips, interesting photos and travel videos with you. I hope you get inspired and start traveling soon… and join me somewhere.


PS: This blog will be written in Serbian language mostly but will feature English articles too from time to time. I will try to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning, and keep it real and honest. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Let’s connect on social media. I’d love to learn more about you. If you like what you read here, please tell your friends about it. It’s totally OK to stalk me. 😉